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Prep Application 2018

Last date for accepting applications for Prep 2018 is " 31st March"



There are vacancies currently available for following Grade levels

Boys Campus

Gr 6 

Gr 9 

Gr 10


Girls Campus

Gr 5 

Gr 7 

Gr 8 

Gr 9 

Please submit your application forms or contact enrolment for inquiry


Uniform Sale

Please be informed of the following uniform sale dates for Darul Ulum College:

Male parents: 27th January 2017

Female parents: 30th & 31st January 2017

Venue: MPH (Darul Ulum College)
Timing: 9:30am to 3:45pm.


We’re a Sporting School!

Darul Ulum College of Victoria has registered to participate in Sporting Schools, a new Australian Government programme. Sporting Schools provides our primary school students with the opportunity to access sport-based activities before, during or after school. Sporting Schools allows our students to explore a range of dynamic new sports, from tennis to bowls, athletics to cricket. Most importantly, Sporting Schools will help us work closer with sporting clubs in our community.

Darul Ulum College’s Scholarship Program

The College is delighted to remind parents and students of its Scholarship Program which aims at encouraging and recognising students in their pursuit of excellence. The Scholarship Program at the College is intended to provide students with the financial support to further their education as well as reward achievement and effort. This Program is applied across all secondary levels and students qualifying for full or partial scholarships in 2017 will be informed soon via a formal letter.

For your reference, below is an excerpt of the College’s Scholarship Policy.

  • This Program applies to all secondary students
  • Students who score an average of 70% or above based on semester one internal data will be shortlisted for further scholarship testing during semester 2
  • Year 7 eligible students will be determined in light of their Grade 6 moderated results
  • Scholarship benefits will be applied in the subsequent year to the year of assessment
  • Scholarship recipients are only eligible to the benefits of the scholarship scheme while they remain enrolled at the College
  • Families with overdue fees/levies (current and previous) will be ineligible to redeem the benefits of the scholarship entitlements


Category 1: 25% Scholarship

Category 2: 50% Scholarship

Category 3: 100% Scholarship

85% - 89.99

90% - 93.99

94% - 100%


 ATAR Score


ATAR Score


ATAR Score


88 − 89.99


90 − 96.99


97 or above



Parent Satisfaction Survey 2016

Parent Satisfaction Survey 2016 Click Here



Darul Ulum College traffic Management Procedure 



Canteen Price List

Canteen Price List Click Here

Victoria Government Camps, Sports & Excursions Funds (CSEF) applications:

Please submit Camps, Sports & Excursions Funds (CSEF) applications (If not submitted before) at the school office. All CSEF payment eligibility validated parents will receive a once off school fee discount of $25/child, if the forms are received by 31st March 2016. Please click here for more information and to download an application form. Copies of CSEF forms are available at the office too.